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Audi Gives A Very Limited Release To The RS5 Coupe Sport, A Lot Of Money For A Little Extra Car

Might get you a couple hundred extra bucks on the trade in.

What you’re going to see here is not a unique approach to selling a car. Carmakers, and European carmakers in particular, really love this kind of thing. Audi has released a special edition of the RS5 called the RS5 Coupe Sport, of which just 75 units will be produced. These will start at $87,575, which is a full $17,000 over the normal base price of the RS5. And for this money you get absolutely nothing of the mechanics changed at all.

The car is entirely the same under the skin. The interior is pretty noticeably different though, with a bespoke color scheme featuring black and Crimson Red leather seats, door inserts, steering wheel and shifter boot. On the exterior, you get a new set of 20-inch five-spoke wheels and Audi will paint it either Daytona Gray or Nardo Gray, both of which normally cost extra, for no extra charge. You can also choose from the Audi Exclusive shades, but that will cost you extra. The limited run is no doubt meant to be a check against depreciation, but don’t count on it working.

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