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Audi Has Fantastic News About The TT

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Guess we don’t have to mourn after all.

It's not often that whining will get you far in life, but every once in a while, being annoyingly insistent pays off. That seems to be the case for fans of the Audi TT, the German automaker's two-door sports car that previous reports had indicated would be killed off at the end of the current generation's product cycle.

The tides, reports AutoBlog.nl, have changed thanks to what Audi CEO Bram Schot said during an interview with BNR Auto Show, a Dutch automotive radio program. That's because Schot now claims that the TT will get a successor once the current third-generation coupe, which hit the market in 2014 and was just refreshed for 2019, goes out of production. Plans to ax the coupe originally stemmed from Audi's need to stop spending money on internal combustion engine-powered cars, especially niche low-volume models like the TT, and instead shift funding towards the development of electric cars.

That depressed fans of the TT, who weren't sure if the nameplate would ever come back or whether an electric TT replacement would stay close enough to the model's roots to keep them happy.

And because of the uncertainty, TT enthusiasts kept asking Schot about the car's future everywhere he went. It got so bad, he claims, that he would hear the question every time he sat down for an interview. He eventually got so fed up with people "whining" about the coupe that he just decided to greenlight a successor, citing the fact that that he's a normal human being who also likes emotional cars and doesn't want to methodically remove the TT from the Four Rings' portfolio (and from the cold dead hands of its fans). "Of course there will be a successor!" he exclaimed at one point. "I am a person of flesh and blood and I also like beautiful things."

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So yes, this is an interesting turn of events, but it doesn't tell us much. For one, Schot's comments might not indicate that Audi is looking to keep the TT's replacement close to the coupe and roadster versions that are currently on sale. Instead, Schot could have been indicating that he's planning to carry the TT moniker alive over to a two-door electric Audi sports car that's different than its predecessor in spirit.

Part of the confusion comes from the fact that Audi made conflicting statements about the TT, saying that it was going to be killed off while also claiming it would be revived as an electric car. The difference is that an electric TT "successor" would have to be inspired by the current model and not just adopt the old car's name, even if it has a completely different powertrain. Schot also didn't elaborate on when the TT "successor" would hit the market, so as usual, we'll have to wait to learn more.