Audi Has Several New Models Coming Including The Q9 SUV

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Many will be electric, but good ol' gasoline isn't done yet.

  • Audi rumored to make a large Q9 SUV
  • Most models will get mild-hybrid setup
  • Brand will be all-electric by 2033

Last month, Audi revealed a new SUV called the Q6, which is the company's largest model to date. The Q6 looks quite nice, but it will not be sold in the United States. But according to a future product report from Automotive News, there could be another large Audi model on the way.

The report claims that Audi's product planning cycle has been pushed back a bit due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the global microchip shortage. Audi still plans to stop selling internal combustion engines by 2023, but each model has at least one more product cycle before going all-electric.

The most interesting vehicle mention is a rumored Q9 SUV. This model would sit above the Audi Q7 and compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. The Q9 is expected to arrive in 2025 and has reportedly been shown to US dealers. This has the potential to be the brand's final gas-powered vehicle added to the lineup.


In other Audi SUV news, the Q8 model line (including the S and RS variants) will receive an update in late 2023 with a 12-volt mild-hybrid system and infotainment improvements. The Q7 line will get similar changes, but they have been pushed back until 2025. Audi's popular Q5 will have its final major redesign in 2025, which will remain in production until 2033 when the brand phases out all ICE vehicles. Finally, a redesigned Q3 is expected in 2024 with a mild-hybrid setup.

On the sedan side, the A8 likely won't receive any updates before production ends. The A7 lineup will get refreshed in 2025, while the A6 family will gain enhanced driver assistance tech and a mild-hybrid system in the second half of 2022. The A4/A5 lines will be refreshed in 2024, but the A3 won't be updated until 2025.

Now for the sad news, the R8 won't live on much longer in its current form. The V10 supercar will live on as an EV after the current model ends production. Audi wants to continue the TT in some capacity, but no next-generation model has been confirmed.

The brand will add a slew of new EV models to the lineup, including the Q4 E-tron later this year, A6 E-tron in 2024, Artemis Project EV in 2026, and other Premium Platform Electric-based models in 2025. Much to our surprise, the e-tron will get a final update in 2023 and the e-tron GT will get a mid-cycle refresh in 2025.

Source Credits: Automotive News

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