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Audi Has Some Great News About One Of Its Best Engines

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Emissions be damned, Audi will bring the noise.

In these economic times of emissions regulations and sensibility, massive engines are becoming a dying breed. Even the mighty Audi R8 V10 is rumored to be adopting electrification in its next generation. While Audi goes full force with new electric models like the e-tron, it isn't ready to let the fire-breathing internal combustion die off without a fight. The 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder motor in the RS3 and TT RS is one of our favorite engines and among the most unique on the market today. Audi has pioneered the five-cylinder engine for over 40 years and has no plans to discontinue it in the near future.

Speaking to WhichCar, head of Audi Sport, Oliver Hoffmann, talked about how the upcoming Euro 7 regulations might hinder certain engines like the five-cylinder (which is internally known as the DNWA). Certifying engines for Euro 7 "is more difficult, but it’s not just a question of how difficult it is,” Hoffmann explained. "For EU7 we have concepts for all our engines, but it’s just a matter of how much money [we] have to spend to reach the targets. For the five-cylinder, we have a very, very, good concept to reach those standards.”

Audi recently refreshed the TT RS and is working on the next-generation RS3, where the 2.5-liter five-cylinder is expected to produce well over 400 horsepower. A next-generation RS Q3 is also rumored and several Volkswagen test mules have been spotted using the DNWA engine.

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Audi product planner Annette Möllhoff said "For us, the five-cylinder is so strongly combined with the heritage of Audi. Every time we launch a new model with the five-cylinder, we get the feedback that ‘we are so happy you stick to that engine and don’t downgrade to the four-cylinder.’” Audi's five-cylinder produces one of the best, most unique, exhaust notes of any modern engine and we'd love to see the VW Group use it in more vehicles.