Audi Hopes Ricky Gervais Will Make Us Want to Buy All-New A3


Audi turns to British comedian to help sell showroom-bound A3.

Audi has teamed up with English funny man Ricky Gervais as the carmaker kicks off its marketing campaign for the all-new A3 that's set to hit US showrooms next month. A series of TV spots will feature the British comedian – famed for creating The Office, Extras, Life's Too Short and for slagging off half of Hollywood at the Golden Globes – with the best of the bunch a 30-second commercial called “Names.”

Highlighting the car’s 4G LTE technology that turns the A3 into a WiFi hotspot, a kid in the back seat reads aloud Twitter updates that are not exactly flattering of the ‘pug-nosed’ standup.

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The campaign will be rolled out with a 60-second TV ad called “Dues,” starring the talented Brit, celebrity chef David Chang, comedian Kristen Schaal among others, taking it in turns to recite lines from the timeless lyrics of Queen’s "We Are The Champions."

The ‘Stay Uncompromised’ theme that debuted in the Super Bowl continues with Ricky Gervais providing brief insight into what makes him tick and why he doesn’t give a shit about his audience.