Audi Introduces New TT Base Model For The UK


Audi has put a new, cheaper engine in the TT, and are now offering it at a much lower price.

Good news for British Audi fans who have always liked the TT but found it just out of their price range. Audi has taken the 1.8 TFSI engine from the TT Roadster and put it in the Coupe, which was previously only available with the 2.0 TFSI. This cheaper engine allows them to drop the price for the base model to about £24,000, which is about £3,000 less than the 2.0-equipped model. The 1.8 obviously isn't as powerful as the 2.0.

It produces 160 horsepower and 185lb-ft of torque, numbers which are actually lower than those produced by the base-model 1.8-liter engine originally offered in the first-gen TT back in 1998. It is far more fuel-efficient though, being able to deliver 44.1mpg. Most important, it does still look great, and if you were buying the base model, that's probably what you cared the most about anyway.


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