Audi Is Going To Buy Back 25,000 Q7s From Angry Americans

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Forking over cash for 25,000 cars can't be fun.

This Dieselgate story opened up the biggest can of worms the motoring industry has possibly ever seen, but along with that it's opened the eyes of consumers, too. People are being more wary of the facts and figures spouted by manufacturers and instead of taking their word as gospel, they're actually testing things out for themselves. People are now more aware when buying cars and that's a good thing. After Dieselgate hit, the Volkswagen Group looked to be in deep trouble with fines and buy-backs being initiated.


It was announced that VW Group would fix or buy back half a million diesel cars that were affected by the dodgy dealings. This massive campaign to try and save face and rectify the rather embarrassing problem would involve diesel models from Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. Details of the how and when have been pretty sketchy, there's not too much concrete information yet about when exactly things will happen or what the exact year models of the recalled cars will be. Hamburg's weekly news magazine Der Spiegel and Reuters have reported that Audi will buy back 25,000 diesel cars from US owners, mostly from the Q7 stable. They also went on to say that Audi representatives are in talks with U.S officials about fixing 85,000 more cars.

The weekly revealed that there are as many as 25,000 older model diesel cars that cannot be fixed, and these will make up part of the buy back efforts. While we all know this is set to happen, when the publication contacted Audi for comment they declined. We're not sure what the criteria will be for the buy back process will be though. They surely can't afford to buy them back at the initial purchase price, even though they should seeing as the cars were sold based on false figures. We can't wait to get hold of the system they'll have in place that shows just what value will be assigned to these affected cars. Will it be a sliding scale based on age and mileage or will it be a Dollar amount that owners can take or leave?

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