Audi Isn't Interested In Giving Into The Automotive Fad That Is Drift Mode

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A company known for AWD isn't going to encourage drifting? Shocker.

"Drift mode" is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in the auto industry. The Ford Focus RS kicked off the craze, and Mercedes decided to ride the wave and include the sideways-focused function on its new E63 AMG. We expect other automakers to follow along shortly as the kids love to drift, but not all will be on board. One automaker you can expect to sit this fad out is Audi. At the launch of the new S3, Jalopnik asked the German brand if it had a drift mode of its own in the works.


According to Jalopnik, "The consensus essentially is that we shouldn't be expecting Drift Mode on an Audi anytime soon because that's not really what Audi and its Quattro all-wheel-drive system do." We're sorry if that news disappoints any Audi fans out there, but really, what were you expecting? The job of an AWD system is to keep a car facing the right direction after all. Also, Audi is kind of a stuffy brand, something we learned firsthand driving the 2017 A4. That being said, we aren't ready to kill the idea of Audis being able to get the back out juet yet. The reason is because of Autocar's recent report about the new SQ5 and the possibility that it could be engineered to provide a bit of oversteer. That's right, purposeful oversteer on an SUV.

Getting the SUV to be a bit tail-happy would come from an optional sports differential placed on the rear axle. If this option becomes a hit, and that's a big "if," why wouldn't the automaker offer it on more models? So, no, your new Audi S3 won't be designed to let you become an instant drift king with the press of a button. The same goes for your RS3. But there is a small chance that one day future Audis could be able to slip and slide just a wee bit.

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