Audi Jetstream Quattro Design Study is an A9 Wannabe

Design study gives Audi plenty to think about.

Audi recently revealed plans to expand its lineup from 49 to 60 models over the next few years. Entering the full-size category with an A9 could be part of those plans, and design student Patrick Bucker thinks he has a concept that could fit the bill. Dubbed the Jetstream Quattro, the futuristic concept was inspired by both horse-drawn carriages and state-of-the-art business gets. After creating some renderings, Bucker built a static scale model of his concept.

The design student from Pforzheim University, Germany, said that the Jetstream Quattro is "an homage to the coachman-seat, there is a carbon-fiber element in the front instead of the regular hood, which also shows Audi's design theme to integrate the space-frame into the design."

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