Audi Le Mans Racer Welcomes Back Porsche with Smoky Burnouts

German rivals set to compete in endurance race this weekend.

Porsche’s return to the top category of Le Mans is not something perennial champion Audi seems to be taking too seriously. In fact the German carmaker’s sister brand has posted this short video in which it welcomes back the past endurance race master with a well-choreographed set of smoky burnouts. Porsche has more overall wins at Le Mans than any other manufacturer, winning 16 times since 1970. Yet it has been absent from the prestigious 24 hour race since 1998.

Audi’s champion winning R18 e-tron looks almost alien on the road, as it passes by a tractor, school kids and a jogger before pulling up at Porsche’s HQ to deliver its message.

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