Audi May Be The First VW Brand To Bring Diesel Back To The US

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Sounds like Audi is going against the wishes of Volkswagen's CEO.

Diesel has always had a hard time gaining any traction in the US market for a number of reasons. One is that gas is relatively cheap here, meaning that the fuel saving benefits of diesel have less of an impact. This hasn't stopped automakers from trying though, and one of the most driven efforts at getting Americans to buy diesels was Volkswagen's revolutionary TDI technology that was able to skirt past US regulators while achieving remarkable gains in power and fuel economy.

We all know how that ended for VW, and according to Reuters, the company's CEO has finally admitted it. Even though diesels have never risen to mainstream popularity in the US, oil-burning cars still accounted for about 25 percent of VW's sales in the US prior to Dieselgate. Recent speculation that VW might return to the US with new and allowable diesels were laid to rest when CEO Herbert Diess confirmed that there are no plans to bring diesel back to America, backtracking on earlier comments he had made in September claiming that the company was not ready to abandon the technology. However, the words that came out of Diess' mouth don't seem to be conducive with what some of Volkswagen's subsidiary companies are claiming.

Last week, the president of Audi of America Scott Keogh commented to Reuters saying, "Once we hopefully get past everything, I see an opportunity for potentially to offer it on one model, and that model would probably be the Q7 SUV." If that were to happen, then Audi and other potential US-bound diesels from Volkswagen need to come soon in order to clear the short window of time that the internal combustion engine has left. With electric vehicles becoming a huge priority for all automakers, it makes more sense for cash-strapped Volkswagen to spend the investment money on hybrids and electric vehicles. Even though the impact of Dieselgate has affected EU owners the most, VW continues to sell them in Europe.

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