Audi May Build a TT Shooting Brake After All

And we thought the Allroad Shooting Brake would only remain a concept.

At Detroit last month, the automaker revealed its Allroad Shooting Brake Concept, as a preview of the all-new TT that will debut in Geneva next month. Now, Audi has a history of previewing the next-gen TT in concept form as a wagon. It did so with the first- and second-gen cars. Some today may even think of the All Road as a crossover. And some may just hate it altogether. Whatever your thoughts, it looks like Audi is considering building it.

Like us, Audi is quite fond of the new concept and a new report coming from Top Gear is claiming that the future TT lineup could be expanded. Instead of just a coupe and roadster, Audi chief engineer Ulrich Hackenberg indicated that "the TT has much more potential than we have used up to now. That’s why we did this Allroad concept. The trend is to smaller crossovers. So for example you could do a crossover TT. It would have a big group of fans." Call it what you like, but the Allroad sure looked like a shooting brake to us, not a crossover. Fine, whatever. Just please build it.

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