Audi Might Build A Minivan, But Promises More Exciting Models Too

If BMW can do it, why can't Audi?

Whenwe think of Audi, we usually expect to hear exciting news about a new R8derivative or an opulent new luxury sedan. But the company has also establisheditself as the maker of premium compact cars, including the tiny A1 and A3hatchbacks. Now, according to Automobile, it seems that Audi wants to expand itslineup of small cars starting with the 2018 A3. Possibly dropping the A3hatchback while keeping the A3 Sportback, Audi will also add an A3-basedAllroad version.

This will join other Allroad models like the planned A5 and A7 Sportbacks. And yes, there might also be a future minivan wearing the four ring logo.But just like BMW's 2-Series Gran Tourer, Audi's first people carrier is expectedto sit on the smaller end of the minivan spectrum, targeting the Chinese middleclass market. "While there is no shortage of upmarket, compact-size four- andfive-seaters, we believe that before long every leading premium brand will needa compact-size seven-seater," an Audi employee told Automobile. Finally, thefour-seat TT, which is already being worked on, will be marketed as anaffordable TT which offers more a more sensible solution for buyers looking for'sporty' cars.

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