Audi Mini-Series Teases New Q8


Five-part mini-series starts off with a fair bit of action.

The upcoming Audi Q8 is being released to audiences in a rather unique way. Audi has developed a mini-series whereby it plans to reveal its luxury flagship SUV in five-installments. The first episode has already aired on the Audi Media TV channel and despite a length of almost three and a half minutes, the only shots of the car include some of the interior that reveal very little other than the fact that it will not have Falcon-wing doors. There is a shot of the Q8 badge and the color looks to be a darker orange that is usually reserved for sporty Audis, but other than that little has been revealed.

This first episode called ‘Unleash the Tough’ does a good job of keeping customers in suspense and is sure to increase interest for the following episodes, the second of which will air on May 24.

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There is even a bit of a back story for the couple portrayed in the clip. Sandra and Quentin are the embodiment of a successful lifestyle, they live in a luxurious apartment and apparently have an influential circle of friends. Clearly Audi has narrowed down their target market here to a very specific subset. Those who remember BMW’s own films of the early 2000’s and the recent reboot may see some similarities in style, but for now the Audi version contains precious little in the way of actual car action. Thankfully the remainder of the episodes will be released every four days so we won’t have to wait long to see the Q8 in the metal.



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