Audi Now Has All It Needs To Build Supercar-Killing RS8

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We've seen the RS7 put the hurt on many supercars, so why can't an RS8 model take over the same duties?

Even though Mercedes builds a ridiculous AMG S63 sedan and coupe and even offers twin-turbo V12 AMG S65 versions of each, there's a reason you never see those cars turn up to a track day. It's because they're nothing but playthings for rich people, much like a pet leopard or Pablo Escobar's Hacienda Nápoles. BMW and Audi refuse to compete in this arena because it's a highly impractical one and the cost of entry is high. However, now that Porsche and Audi are tech partners, an RS8 is not as far-fetched.

If Audi is feeling confident, it might give the new A8 to the Audi Sport division for some fine tuning with the help of access to Porsche's parts bin, but until that happens we have to rely on the imaginative eye of Piesert Design. News of the Audi S8 and its Porsche derived 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 has landed on our desks, but Peisert went right ahead and spec'd out an RS8. To make that a more practical proposition, Peisert exchanged the metal roof for carbon fiber and then added the rest of the characteristic RS features like oval exhaust pipes, and aggressive front and rear end bumpers that Audi's Sport Performance Parts wing would be happy with.

Larger wheels painted in a dark hue match the grille and trim while contrasting with a striking shade of Sonoma Green ripped from the debut version of the RS5. The S8 will be quick in its own right, pushing upwards of 530 horsepower out to all four wheels (or two if we're lucky), but rumors state that the Four Rings is also working on an S8 Plus that will utilize a similar drivetrain setup to the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. If Audi sticks with that naming convention and forgoes an actual RS8 model, we'd consider it the equivalent. Let's hope Audi sees a reason to cut into the Panamera's sales frenzy because a supercar killing RS8 would be an object of upmost desire.

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To see how Piesert's masterpiece came together, check out this step by step recreation here.

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