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Audi Offering Current Customers Up To $4,000 Discounts To Stay With Audi

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There is a slight catch, of course.

Automaker competition has never been greater, especially when it comes to luxury brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. While each brand has their lot of loyal customers, others prefer to cross shop. Audi apparently isn't keen with that so it's now offering some enticing customer loyalty deals. Cars Direct has uncovered what's described as "Audi going on the offensive" regarding the upcoming launches of the redesigned 2019 A6, A7 and A8. Simply put, Audi doesn't want its customers to look elsewhere, so it's prepared to make them an offer many simply can't refuse.

Cars Direct has discovered that, beginning this month, Audi is giving existing owners up to a 6-month lease extension plus an extra $3,000 loyalty bonus that can be put towards a new A6 or A7. The deal specifically aims for current A6, S6, A7, and S7 customers who have leases lasting through September. By that date, the redesigned models will have arrived. If a customer prefers not to extend the lease, then Audi will still offer them a $1,000 loyalty bonus if they finance or lease a new Audi through Audi Financial.

Some customers, based on certain factors, may also be eligible for a waiver of the last three payments of their existing lease. Not bad. For existing and hopefully future A8 customers, Audi is also offering a loyalty bonus, only this time it's been increased to $4,000 (which makes sense considering the A8/S8 is more expensive).

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Remember, the all-new A8 won't even reach US dealerships until September, so it's interesting to see such a sizable incentive already being offered. Also worth noting is that when one extends their Audi lease, the monthly payments remain the same as before. But in order to get the $3,000-$4,000 bonus, that lease must be extended. Overall, this really does sound like a tempting deal. Audi is clearly determined not to lose customers and is therefore willing to offer cash incentives (plus the lease extension) to remain on board.