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Audi Picks Up More Safety Awards

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Two of Audi's vehicles excel in crash testing.

Following their complete redesigns, the 2019 Audi Q3 compact crossover and 2019 Audi A7 executive sedan have both been crash-tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Both came out on top, with the A7 scoring a Top Safety Pick and the Q3 scoring the highest award possible of Top Safety Pick+.

A top safety pick is a big deal while the plus award means truly exceptional results in testing. The Audi A7 scored a consistent "Good" mark through all crash tests, aided by its standard forward collision avoidance technology designed to stop the car at speeds up to 25 mph. It picked up full marks in that category but was held up from getting the highest accolade by its headlights.


Curiously, the base-trim A7's headlights got a "Marginal" rating, the mid-trim Premium Plus model's LED projector headlights got an "Acceptable" mark, while the headlights in the top-trim Prestige model are rated by ILHS as "poor" due to "excessive glare".

The Top Safety Pick + on the Audi Q3 shows a drastic improvement. The previous generation suffered from a "poor" rating for its headlights and had no forward-collision warning or avoidance system. Now equipped with a standard front crash prevention system and an upgrade on some trim's headlights, it scored a "superior" rating along with the A7.

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2020 Audi Q3 Sportback Rear Angle View Audi

Headlights are often the difference between a Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ award, and the Q3 scored a "good" headlight rating for its available LED projectors. However, the base model's LED reflectors hold it back from qualifying for the award. That puts the Q3 up there with the Volvo XC40 as the only crossovers in the size and price class to get the highest Top Safety Pick + award from the IIHS. Importantly for family vehicles, the Q3 also scored a "Good +" rating for Latch anchor access for child seats, while the A7 got a "Good" mark.

2018-2020 Audi A7 Sportback Front View Driving Audi
2018-2020 Audi A7 Sportback Rear Angle View Audi
2020 Audi Q3 Sportback Front View Driving Audi
2020 Audi Q3 Sportback Rear View Driving Audi


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Front Angle View
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