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Audi Plans to Offer 60 Models by 2020

First addition to the current lineup will be the Q1 crossover.

Following other expanding German families like BMW, Audi has confirmed that its current lineup of 50 models is about to get even bigger. The first addition to the family will be the Q1 crossover, based on the A1 and marking the first of many new crossovers and SUVs. By model year 2020, Audi will offer a whopping 60 models to be offered in various markets. This number will also include various spinoffs of existing models, like the A3, S3 and RS3 – each billed and marketed as a separate model.

Speaking to CAR Magazine, Audi chairman Rupert Stadler said the companysees room for expansion in the A6 and A8's segments as well. Audi is alsolooking to expand into the ultra-luxury segment, with cars "in the spaceabove the €70,000-80,000 bracket." Will Audi be reaching too far,or is this just another step in the VW Group's plan to win over the world?

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