VW Type 2 Bus Gets A Nifty Camper Conversion And An Audi Engine

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This setup frees up space for the trailer, which is installed with a double bed and a large refrigerator.

Given the popularity of the Volkswagen Type 2 minibus, the spiritual predecessor of the ID. Buzz, many have given a shot at delivering a standout version, such as the quad-axled Type 2 with tracks. One owner in the UK has created a unique 1963 Type 2 built with a fifth wheel and an Audi powertrain, and it is currently on sale.

It may look over the top at first glance, but the owner has an interesting reason for the build: space. With the driver seat, front passenger seat, and engine moved to the driven vehicle, the trailer features more room, which allows the integration of a double bed, a large refrigerator, and countertops.

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Yes, the air-cooled engine compartment has been replaced with a storage area. The new engine is a 2.0-liter Audi S3 gasoline inline-five paired with an Audi automatic gearbox. The performance figures weren't disclosed, but the owner opted for this setup to give the vehicle more power when towing the trailer.

This Type 2 tractor and trailer combo features a two-tone cream and beige exterior complemented by OEM steel wheels with hubcaps. The owner assured buyers that no notable scratches and dents could be found. The vehicle also has a well-equipped camping interior, including a Westfalia-style elevating roof, luggage rack, and awning.

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As of this writing, the bid, auctioned by Car and Classic, has gone up to £18,000, or around $22,030 in current conversion rates. With 23,825 miles on the odometer, the bespoke Type 2 has a V5C present, and the trailer unit is completed with an axle plate to comply as a road-legal vehicle in the UK.

The unit is in Cheshire, UK, so long paperwork awaits if you decide to import it stateside. If you fancy the fifth wheel concept, you can go through that tedious process or replicate the build. And if you prefer electric mobility instead of the Audi engine, various firms such as EV West can convert the Type 2 into an EV.

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