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Audi Prepares Special R8 for China

In case a "regular" R8 isn't exclusive enough, Audi has prepared a new limited edition specifically for the Chinese market.

China has become a big market for supercars, and the Audi R8 is certainly among them. The decentralizing economy has created so many wealthy customers, in fact, that Audi has created a new special edition of its mid-engined sportscar specifically for China. Following the previous R8 China Edition, of which 80 examples were made in Malibu Blue, the latest R8 Limited Edition is also dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market with only 30 copies to be made, numbered 1-33 (with numbers 4, 14 and 24 deemed unlucky in China).

Each is decked out in Nordic Gold and features some of the components from the exclusive R8 GT, plus 19-inch wheels and Audi's celebrated 5.2-liter TFSI V10 engine. The cabin is trimmed in Alcantara and matte trim, giving this particular supercar a rather polished look inside and out.

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