Audi Proves Even A Dog Can Park Your Car Using New Smartwatch Technology

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Cute, but pointless.

In one cringe worthy teaser video, Audi has revealed two new pieces of technology that will debut at CES this week using two bad actors and a pair of adorable pooches. Car manufacturers are all about self-driving this week in Vegas, and having revealed the Prologue Piloted Driving Concept, Audi is now prepared to debut an A3 e-tron that can be parked at the touch of a smartwatch button, and a wireless recharging system.

The benefit of a wireless charging contraption is obvious, but what's the advantage of getting out your car and letting it park itself? From this teaser video, it appears the primary gain is being able to fool your neighbor into thinking your dog is performing the maneuver and thus way better than their stupid mutt.

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