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Audi Proves The Sedan Isn't Dead Yet


But the sports car doesn't look so good.

Having crossed the midpoint of 2019, automakers are publishing second-quarter sales results. Audi's sales for the month of June were relatively flat compared to last month with 19,409 sales versus 19,471 in May (a decrease of just 0.3%). Compared to 2018 when Audi sold 107,942 cars through June, the company's 2019 sales of 101,440 units also represent a small decrease of 6%. Part of the sales decline may be attributed to a lack of inventory at the beginning of the year due to issues meeting the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) standards.

While sales are down, Audi has plenty of reasons to smile about its 2019 US sales numbers. The A6, A7, and A8 led the company in growth for the month of June and the year of 2019. Sales for the three respective sedans rose by 464%, 159%, and 225% in the month of June; and 84%, 99%, and 131% respectively for the year.

Audi came into the year predicting the A6 could set new sales records and with 9,902 units sold so far in 2019, it looks like the mid-size sedan is off to a nice start. A lot of this growth can be explained because the A6, A7, and A8 are all-new for 2019 but it shows buyers are eager to pull the trigger on new sedan models with fresh technology and aren't locked in on buying SUVs only.

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In surprising contrast, several of Audi's SUV models are seeing sales declines. The all-new Q3 has yet to go on sale in the US, which easily explains its 96% drop off in 2019 and the Q5 has seen sales growth of 43% for the month and 11% for the year despite needing a significant refresh. US buyers are clearly ready for the refreshed 2020 Q7 to arrive because sales for the current model are down 9% for the month and 10% for the year. Since the Q8 wasn't around in 2018, there are no conclusions to be drawn about its sales, which currently sit at 6,960 units.

It is also sad to see TT and R8 sales fall by 33% and 31% respectively for 2019, although the R8 miraculously saw a 2% increase in June with 62 people opting to buy one compared to 61 in May. With just 636 sales for the TT and 268 for the R8, it is no wonder why the TT was already discontinued and the R8's future is murky at best.