Audi Q1 Concept May Actually Be the Next TT

And that's not a bad thing at all.

Last week Audi revealed a teaser image showing what could very well be the Q1 concept. Set to debut next month at Detroit, this concept may not actually be for some future small crossover, but rather for the third-generation TT. Why is that? Well, because Audi has a history of previewing the next-gen TT in concept form as a three-door hatch. The crew over at Jalopnik clearly knows their Audi history as they remembered the current TT was previewed in 2005 in concept form as a hatch.

Up front that concept had the same headlight and taillight design the 2006 TT had when it premiered. Heck, even the concept’s interior was nearly production ready. Turns out it was, because it was really that of the second-gen TT. So here we are today with a new Audi concept and the expected arrival of the next TT in 2016. The writing is clearly on the wall here, but just don’t expect for there to be a TT shooting brake. Chances are it’ll remain a coupe and roadster only, and that’s not a bad thing at all. More details to come in just a few weeks from Detroit.

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