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Audi Q4 e-tron Concept Teased Ahead Of Geneva Debut

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Can't afford the bigger e-tron? Audi has you covered.

A few days ago we learned Audi will unveil a new concept at Geneva next month that will incorporate three things: a preview of a future production car, an all-electric powertrain, and a more affordable price tag than the e-tron SUV once it goes on sale. Today we know what that concept will be. Audi has released a few sketched teaser images of what's being dubbed the Q4 e-tron, a small crossover EV concept previewing a production version that will likely arrive in late 2020 or early 2021.

Based on what we see from these images, the concept is very clearly an Audi, evidenced not only by the four rings on its grille but also the new and more aggressive styling language the German automaker has been deploying lately.

The shape of the front grille looks to be nearly the same as that found on the production-spec e-tron SUV. The massive front intakes look cool, but will likely be shrunk for the production Q4 e-tron. Again, just look at the general styling of the e-tron, also pictured here, and you'll have a fairly clear preview of what will go on sale in a few years' time.

What's also evident here is that the Q4 e-tron Concept likely won't have quite the same level of dynamic styling as the e-tron GT, which debuted to huge acclaim last November at LA. Audi seems to have been taking a somewhat softer design approach to its electric SUVs when compared to its future (and Iron Man-approved) Tesla Model S fighter.

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Unfortunately for now, Audi did not provide more details such as projected range, output, etc. Given the e-tron's base price hovers at around $75,000, the Q4 e-tron will be a welcomed addition to the future lineup as a far more affordable EV. We estimate it'll be priced somewhere between the Q3 and Q5.