Audi Q7 Will Have A 3D Sound System From Bang & Olufsen Featuring 23 Speakers

Essentially, every surface will just be covered in speakers.

Audi has always been one of the better brands when it comes to factory stereo systems, but the upcoming Q7 will take this to an entirely new level. The system will feature 11 channels and 23 speakers from Bose, or for those who wish to option up, Bang & Olufsen. Software will break down incoming audio signals in such a way that music will not only have a left/right separation, but will also have a dimension of height, created by speakers at the top of the A-pillars.

Things like sound that bounces off of walls in a live venue with millisecond differences in delay will be worked into how the system separates the sound. This will also work with just about any kind of music source, be it internet, CD, terrestrial radio or something more advanced. The system will be making its way into other Audi models in the near future as well, starting with a 12-speaker version which will be found in 2016 TT. We're looking forward to hearing how it sounds, and hope it makes as big a difference as Audi suggests it will.

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