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Audi Q8 Mini-Series Continues With Baffling New Episode

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See if you can spot the new Q8...

Audi has just released the second installment of its five-part Q8 teaser mini-series. The first episode went to pains to reveal basically nothing about this upcoming luxury SUV and fans of consistency will be please to note that the second episode stays true to this baffling tactic. While we are not in the business of critiquing movies, the distinct lack of automotive info here has forced us to take a closer look at the plot to see if it will reveal any clues as to when the main protagonist (we assume this is the Q8) will actually make a proper appearance.

While this is just our wild speculation, it seems as if the couple we met in the first episode clearly enjoy 'surprising' each other in a rather extreme manner. The current predicament the man seems to be in must surely be another prank that may or may not go wrong in subsequent episodes to maintain tension levels.

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What is for certain though is that if we don't see more of the actual car there will be a build-up of tension of a different kind. Aside from a distant peek at the Q8 in an underground car park curiously full of VW Group products and a momentary shot of it racing across the desert, we are still none the wiser as to the finer details of this car. It definitely is orange though, and there is more than enough trunk space to accommodate a fully-grown man. Not sure if that is the sort of feature that Audi should be focusing on. You do get to see a lot of footage of a truck though, so there is that. Episode three better have a whole lot of gratuitous explosions and some Ken Block style driving, maybe in a Q8 too for a change.