Audi Q8 Sport Concept Will Shed Only 3 Design Features For Production

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Finally! Audi design is making real styling changes.

Take a look at it. Pretty cool, huh? The Audi Q8 Sport concept, which debuted last week at Geneva, is kind of a big deal for the automaker, both in terms of branding and design. Yes, there was also the blue Q8 concept that bowed at Detroit, but it's the Q8 Sport that's almost identical to the upcoming production version. Motor Trend caught up with Audi's new design chief, Marc Lichte, at Geneva, and learned that not only is the latter concept more of a toned-down version of the earlier one, but it's also 95 percent ready.

In fact, only three specific design features will be changed. "It is a production car," Lichte explained. "This is 95 percent production. Change the bumpers, add door handles and mirrors, and that's it." In fact, Lichte also claims the concept's interior is 90 percent of what we'll see in the production Q8. And if you like what see with this concept, then future Audis will certainly catch your attention. According to Lichte, Quattro is not only a badge signifying the brand's devotion to all-wheel drive and motorsport, but also proportion. "With rear-wheel drive, everything is sitting on the rear wheels. We will stress all four wheels."

Specifically, Lichte is also referring to a narrow body between the fenders and equally wide bulges over the front and rear wheels. Lichte, thank goodness, also plans to further differentiate between A and Q models, such as at the front end. For example, the A models will be receiving six-sided single frame grilles, while the SUV Q models will have an octagonal version. Considering the Q8 Sport concept is essentially good to go, we expect the production Q8 to arrive early next year.

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