Audi Quattro and Nanuk to Make Production?

One Audi executive seems to think so.

Although Audi has yet to officially make an announcement, it’s being reported that both the Quattro and Nanuk concepts will soon be heading to production. Both having been revealed at Geneva last March, it seemed more likely that the Quattro would receive the production green light first. The Nanuk, on the other hand, seemed a bit of a stretch. However, the director of Audi UK recently stated to Autocar that the automaker has plans to launch "a series of top-end image-building cars based on recent concepts," with specific reference to the Quattro and Nanuk.

The goal, obviously, is to strengthen Audi’s image as a builder of highly desirable performance cars. "Every concept we show has production possibilities, and these cars are no different," the executive stated. They will be niche, and they will push the price ceiling, but they deliver on the brand image and build desirability of the brand as a whole. However popular they are, we cannot just build Audi A3s, that’s clear. Audi has always done special projects to drive its premium image, and cars like the Quattro and Nanuk could achieve that." So there you have it. We’re just waiting for the official word from Audi.

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