Audi R18 Evolution 2 Finishes Testing

Audi unveiled their new R18 endurance race well ahead of the ILMC season opener at Sebring, but it was the older R15+ that actually competed for Audi in that race. Audi didn't leave Sebring after the race though, and they did bring the R18, even if they didn't race it. Audi stayed on to subject the R18 to even more brutal testing on the Sebring track. Testing at Sebring is now complete, and the R18 is now heading to Ingolstadt for analysis.

Audi is facing some major competition this year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and they need their car to be as close to perfect as possible. This is why the R18 is now designated "Evolution 2". The idea of a race car that has never actually competed in a race being on its second evolution might sound a bit crazy, but that's just how intense Le Mans and the Audi-Peugeot rivalry have gotten.

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