Audi R18 Runs Around Sebring

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is still a few months away, but Audi recently took their new R18 endurance racer for testing at Sebring in Florida. This isn't unusual, as the 12-hour Sebring race in March is the season opener for the International Le Mans Cup, and teams like to get their fine-tuning done a few months before the race. The difference here is that Audi won't be racing the R18 at Sebring, and will be using their older R15++ instead.

The R15++ made a few laps of the track along with the R18, and each of the nine Audi Sport drivers took a turn in each car. It seems that Audi just wants to make sure that everything is perfect with their new car before it makes its racing debut in June, and were taking advantage of the Florida weather to get in some extra testing for the R18. We're certainly more than ready to see the R18 race in June.

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