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Audi R8 Gets More Power, Less Weight And Better Looks

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In case the stock R8 doesn't do it for you.

The Audi R8 is the consummate everyday supercar. Owners love to brag how they wouldn't swap it for anything else. But what do they feel about sending it to a tuning house that's specialized in upgrading German cars for the past 30 years? ABT has just unleashed its upgrade package for the Audi R8 V10 Plus, aimed at those who think it doesn't have an athletic enough appearance or road manners. To sharpen the supercar's styling, ABT has created a carbon-fiber aerodynamics kit.

The visual aesthetics include front and rear skirts, a front lip spoiler, side blades, mirror covers and racing-styled wheel arches housing a set of 19-inch ABT ER-F alloys finished in Black Magic, or a set of 20-inch ABT GR forged wheels in Anodized Black. The Audi R8 comes stock with 610 horsepower, but ABT managing to squeeze another 20 horses from the 5.2-liter V10 by optimizing airflow and using a special stainless steel exhaust system with carbon double tailpipe trims. An open carbon-fiber rear panel optimizes engine temperature and also adds some visual flair to the rear end of the car.

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Coilover suspension springs and precisely adapted sports stabilizers on the front and rear axle has lowered the R8's center of gravity, further improving its already sublime road handling, while 110 pounds has also been trimmed from its curb weight. ABT has also upgraded the cockpit with entrance lighting that greets owners when they open the door, and a choice of two interior trims finished in either carbon or leather. For pricing and further details, ABT has a permanent presence in the US, working out of F355 Automobile Technic in Miami, Florida.