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Audi R8 Grand-Am Completes Testing

New photos have come in showing the 2012 Audi R8 Grand-Am performing tests on the Daytona track.

Only yesterday we brought you the first photo of the Audi R8 Grand-Am LMS on the eve of its first track day test. If you recall, very few engine mods were done to the racer when compared to the road-going version. And now additional photos have come in showing the V10-powered car and its Red, White, and Blue exterior theme showing off its stuff at the Daytona race track. To reiterate, the R8 Grand-Am is based on the R8 LMS used in GT3 racing, where it took more than 110 victories and 13 titles.

Over some two days of testing, the new Grand-Am version completed nearly 600 miles as engineers continued to prepare it for its big debut at the Daytona 24 Hours, which takes place this January 28th to 29th. The Grand-Am version differs from the GT3 car mainly in terms of set-up, specifically regarding downforce and aerodynamic grip. Engineers had to modify the car in order to meet Grand-Am regulations. And according to the official press release, one of the first customer teams for 2012 is APR Motorsport, who plans on competing in next month's event.

Negotiations with other teams are currently taking place and will be finalized shortly. All told, there will be a maximum of four R8 Grand-Am racers for the upcoming season.

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