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The tuners over at Wheelsandmore give their speedy perspective to the already insanely fast Audi R8 GT.

Is there any possible way you make the Audi R8 GT any faster? The answer is yes and Wheelsandmore. The German tuner has made an already fast car even faster by doing their usual speedy experimentation under the hood. The newly tuned R8 GT will deliver a performance of 611hp and 431 lb-ft of torque due to improved electronics and a new handcrafted stainless-steel exhaust system that replaces the standard one. It features remote controlled valve flaps and is about 40 percent lighter.

The new enhancements allow the Wheelsandmore tuned R8 GT to sprint from 0-62mph in an incredibly fast time of only 3.3 seconds while reaching a top speed of 208 mph. The German tuner dubbed their latest creation the Supersport Edition and features a set of 20-inch matte black coated lightweight wheels wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires. Only 333 examples of the standard R8 GT will be built and it comes standard with a 560hp V10 and is about 220 lbs lighter than a regular R8 V10. The tuner hasn't announced official pricing for the package.

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