Audi R8 GT850 by Prior Design


Prior Design takes the Audi R8 to near racecar extremes with the GT850 body kit.

Prior Design is known for creating incredibly thorough and often epic tuning jobs. With the announcement, however, of the new GT850 body kit for the Audi R8, the German firm has taken the everyday supercar and turned it into a street-legal race car. Fit for both the V8 and V10-engined versions of the R8, the PD-GT850 widebody kit is made out of high-quality lightweight Dura-Flex Fiber-Reinforced Plastic and carbon fiber components. The result is something that looks like it escaped from a race track onto the street.

Using the actual race-spec R8 GT3 as inspiration, the aerodynamically-optimized kit includes a completely revised front end with a new front bumper, lip spoiler and hood, along with side skirts, rear bumper with integrated diffuser, rear spoiler and wider fenders. The project seen in these photos is riding on a set of 20-inch 3-piece ADV.1 wheels wrapped in Continental high-performance tires. Prior Design is also offering a new sports exhaust system with flap control for the V8-powered R8, as the tuning firm is stepping up its game by offering added power to the flagship supercar.

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Power is also increased from 420-horsepower to 475, while a supercharger option boosts that number to a wicked 565 horses. Pricing for Prior Design GT850 body kit is set at €24,900, with pricing for the engine modifications yet to be released. Though the wheels are optional, the ADV.1 shoes seen here will set you back a further €9,900.