Audi R8 LMS Ultra is a Track God

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Think the road-going Audi R8 is impressive? Wait until you see what the track version is capable of.

The Audi R8 can be owned and driven by the average rich guy on his daily commute without killing himself. That we know. But the R8 is also a formidable track machine that's won countless GT3 motorsport events. And now Audi is paying tribute to one particular R8, the LMS ultra. Launched in 2012, LMS ultra has carbon fiber reinforced doors, an updated transmission, a more powerful V10 engine that's good for 562 horsepower, bigger wheels and optimized brakes. There's also a wider rear wing and a load of other aerodynamically-enhanced elements.

The original R8 LMS came out back in 2009 and teams could buy one at the time for about $350,000. Audi is now paying tribute to its creation via this new video and with an all-new R8 just around the corner, we know the next-gen R8 GT3 car won't be too far behind.

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