Audi Recreates Toy Story With An Audi R8 In A New Short Film


The film also talks about breaking gender stereotypes.

Audi's marketing department has done wonders in the past, making some of the coolest commercials that we have seen. Audi even managed to have one of the best commercials during the Superbowl, and will probably show one again this year. Sometimes Audi likes to take some risks with its commercials, and this latest commercial from Audi Belgium may be the most socially aware car commercial we have ever seen. The video is titled "Let's Change The Game," and was posted by Audi Belgium just after Christmas.

The video is a lot like the movie Toy Story, where a bunch of toys come to life. The toys are separated into toys for boys, and toys for girls. Society has told us that girls play with dolls and boys play with cars, but this film challenges that stereotype.

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A doll in the video goes over to the boy's side, and hops in a toy Audi R8. She then drives the car around and even recreates a real-life drag race between the R8 and an RC car. At the end, a little boy wants his mom to buy the doll and the R8, but she tells him that the two don't go together. The boy ends up buying both toys, which proves that gender stereotypes don't need to limit us as a society. Girls can love cars just as much as boys, and women can become amazing drivers if they want. This Audi commercial is very cool to watch, and comes with an important message.