Audi Reveals Open-Top Version of Urban Concept

Electric Car

Audi has now revealed the Spyder version of its upcoming urban concept city car.

Just a week or so after Audi revealed online several detailed drawings of their upcoming urban concept, the German automaker has now released details about the drop-top version. The Audi urban concept Spyder is very similar in appearance to the hard top/sliding canopy version, but features wraparound glass and doors that "open diagonally to the top." Continuing the spirit of the hard-top version, the Spyder is a city car that's meant to ease the hardships of congested city streets.

Its body is composed from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and has protruding wheels that are covered by protective plates. There's even a red stripe reminiscent of the R8's side blade just ahead of the rear wheels. Also like the hard-top, the Spyder has a 1+1 cabin layout with the passenger seat placed directly behind and slight to the side of the driver's seat. Interestingly, the seats cannot be adjusted as they are integrated into the car's overall structure. But like any car, the driver can still adjust the steering wheel and pedals. Both versions of the urban concept have two electrics motors that are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

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Audi hasn't indicated whether either of the concepts will be heading for production in the near or long-term future, though we won't be surprised if they do considering BMW is in the midst of launching their new "i Series". For now, we'll just have to wait and see them on display next month at Frankfurt.