Audi RS Q3 is Faster than Sled-Dogs

Quattro GmbH's first performance crossover makes a brief video cameo, romping in the snow with a team of huskies.

Few automakers do all-wheel-drive performance quite like Audi. Heck, its entire performance division – called Quattro GmbH – shares its name with the company’s four-wheel traction system. So you knew it wouldn’t let Mercedes-AMG and BMW’s M division have all the hi-po SUV fun for long. Audi’s answer came in part with the SQ5, packing a diesel engine in Europe and gasoline power for the US, but that was only a half measure. Its real response came just yesterday with the reveal of the new RS Q3.

Quattro’s first performance crossover will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, packing a 2.5-liter turbo five with 306 horsepower. But if you can’t wait that long, Audi has released this video clip – less than a minute long – showing the RS Q3 outperforming a team of huskies.

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