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Audi RS1 is Apparently in the Works

“Wait and see,” say the Germans.

Rumors of an upcoming Audi RS1 have been circling since way back in 2010, when the first A1 hatchback was initially introduced. Now, with the advent ofthe 231-horsepower S1 and S1 Sportback at the Geneva Motor Show, talk of a line-toppingmassive-performing RS1 derivative is getting hotter and hotter. Speaking toMotoring, S1 designer Frank Gruner suggested that we “wait and see.” The RS1wouldn’t be the first super-hot-hatch based on the Audi A1.

Back in 2011, Audi released a limited edition A1 Quattro, astunning little bug that made 256 horsepower from its turbocharged 2.0-literengine. It also had a six-speed manual, big brakes and of course – Quattro all-wheeldrive. An RS1 should have more of those goodies, perhaps making use of the GolfR and Audi S3’s EA888 engine, which is tuned to deliver approximately 300 hp inthose models. Once it has been officially announced, we will be first on thepicket line to demand that it be imported to the US.

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