Audi RS3 Gets Impressive 450-HP Upgrade

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Not satisfied with 394 hp? Abt has the answer.

When Audi revealed the 2022 RS3, we saw that it got a slight jump in torque, but power was curiously unaltered. Sure, you also got a drift mode for the first time, but some were disappointed by the lack of additional power. Worse still is that this is the most hardcore of the A3 range, yet it barely beat a mid-range BMW M240i around Hockenheim. But where Audi falls short, Abt-Sportsline steps up, just as it has done so many times before. This is still a relatively new car, so the tuner is still dipping a tentative toe into the transformation of the car, beginning with a simple software upgrade.

Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline

"The software has been specially adapted to the vehicle by our experienced team and tested on the road and on the test bench in countless hours of work," explains managing partner Hans-Jurgen Abt. "A comprehensive package of engine protection measures and warranty services ensures driving pleasure without remorse."

As proven by dynamometer readings, the recalibration of ECU parameters has resulted in an increase of almost 60 horsepower. While the 2.5-liter turbocharged five-pot normally produces 394 hp, Abt's tuning expertise boosts it to a much more respectable level, specifically 453 hp. With this, the sprint from 0-62 mph is reduced by 0.2 seconds and is now clocked at 3.6 seconds. Better yet, Abt can remove the limiter to make you a member of the 300-kph club, with top speed increased to over 186 mph.

Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline

As expected, Abt intends to add to this basic tuning package with more upgrades once development of the new car progresses far enough. In time, fender vents, canards, splitters, spoilers, wheels, suspension, and more will be available to further set the 8Y RS3 apart. We're sure that intake and exhaust options, along with other hardware upgrades will soon turn the new RS3 into a true performance powerhouse.

With the age of electrification dawning, we may be entering a golden era of performance tuning as aftermarket outfits look to make the most of the combustion engine while they still can. For now though, Abt is offering puddle lights with its logo. Pricing for this aesthetic upgrade or the software package is not yet available.

Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline Abt-Sportsline

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