Audi RS4 Seats are Being Stolen to Order

Now you can’t even leave the driver’s seat in the car when you park curbside.

Owners of the sexy Audi RS4 may be a lucky lot, but those located in London seem to have a new problem on their hands. In the past year, nearly 30 cars have been broken into and had their front sports-seats stolen, the Telegraph reports. The phenomenon is mostly affecting RS4s from model years 2006 to 2008 – fitted with a discontinued pair of front seats that costs almost £19,000 to replace. With insurers uneager to pay those sums, these seatless cars are simply being written off.

The cause of this phenomenon is apparently the new “OEM-plus” modification styling trend, with owners of lower VW Group models eager to fit their cars with higher-end finishes from models like the RS4. Due to the ease of fitting these stolen goods and the facts that they are untraceable, a black market for products like the RS4 seats is now blooming on eBay and other sites like it. For owners, there don’t seem to be many solutions, other than unbolting their seats and taking them home at the end of the day or finding a secure garage to park their rides in.

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