Audi RS6 e-tron Avant Is The Future Of Electric Performance

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An electric RS6 will make the transition to EVs way more bearable.

Audi, like other manufacturers, uses letters to denote the level of performance you're getting. Mercedes-Benz has AMG. BMW has M. Audi starts with A for its normal cars, S for its sportier offerings and RS (racing sport) for its supercars like the recently revealed RS6 Avant wagon. Yes, it's a supercar. It has a twin-turbo V8, 591 hp and a top speed of 190 mph.

It's also using the letters on its EVs like the RS e-tron GT. So we know those speed letters will cascade down its range of vehicles, which we hope will one day include the RS6.

We talked to Audi about such a possibility and predictably it wouldn't comment on whether something like this is coming down the line. But we wouldn't put it past them, the new A6 e-tron will be sold alongside the gas-powered A6, so there's a chance we could have both.

2021 Audi RS6 Rear View Audi

The company did want to note that "renderings are great, and we love the enthusiasm. While this concept is fictional, the idea of an electric RS model is very much real - the upcoming 2022 RS e-tron GT. The future is electric, and Audi Sport performance models are very much a foundation of customer excitement and appeal."

For our rendering, we started by blocking off the grille, as there's no V8 under the hood needing to breathe. We did leave the two flanks open as there is a smaller amount of cooling that needs to happen. We've also extended the LED headlights across the front of the vehicle like many automakers currently making EVs.

2021 Audi RS6 Aft View Audi
2021 Audi RS6 Front-End View Audi
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We've added a few pieces of flair with the orange accents in the grille, intakes and side sills. We've also slimmed down the headlights for a more aggressive look. Same with the general lines. We sharpened them from front to back. We also added a matte paint job, because it just looks cool.

This hypothetical super wagon EV needs a powertrain, so we'll go with the best available, which is currently in the RS e-tron GT. That dual motor setup makes 590 hp (637 hp with overboost) along with 612 lb-ft of torque. Those sound like supercar numbers to us. And there's plenty of space at both ends to shove in those motors. Top speed of the RS e-tron GT is 155 mph, which we'll accept here, begrudgingly. The e-tron GT can travel 232 miles on a charge, as this is a good bit bigger and heavier, we'd expect less here.

2021 Audi RS6 Front Angle View Audi
2021 Audi RS6 Rear View Driving Audi
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2021 Audi RS6 Front Angle View
2021 Audi RS6 Rear View
2021 Audi RS6 Rear View Driving

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