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Audi's 950-HP Electric Hypercar Takes Shape

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Dubbed the RS e-tron, the successor to the Audi R8 is shaping up to be something special.

The fate of the Audi R8 still hasn’t been confirmed. Reports have claimed the R8 won’t be renewed after the current generation, and while the TT will live on as an electric car, Audi Chairman Bram Schot recently speculated about the R8’s potential successor and whether it will have a combustion engine.

According to Car Magazine, Audi has approached Rimac to collaborate on a new electric sports car to replace the R8. Nothing is official yet, but a potential partnership is very exciting considering Rimac is responsible for the 1,900-hp C_Two electric hypercar.

Car Magazine claims the Audi R8’s electric successor will be called the RS e-Tron and launch in 2023 or 2024. The electric supercar will allegedly be built in Audi’s own Bollinger Hofe factory near Heilbronn, Germany, where the A6, A7, and A8 are built.

However, budget limitations mean that Audi Sport could enlist Rimac to collaborate with development. This would be one of many partnerships Rimac has forged recently. The Croatian company is working with Hyundai and Kia to build two electric sports cars, and could also work with Bugatti.

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If the collaboration happens, Rimac would supply the four-motor powertrain and fast-charge batteries for the 950-hp electric supercar. Insiders have also told the publication the RS e-Tron will be priced at just under €200,000 ($185,000). This setup will enable the two-seater electric hypercar to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Audi’s electric R8 successor is also rumored to have a 95-kWh solid-state battery capable of fast charging and delivering a 300-mile driving range, as well as a lightweight aluminum monocoque chassis and active aerodynamics. Presumably, the styling will be inspired by the PB18 e-tron concept, which Audi has confirmed will enter production. Before Audi’s R8 successor arrives, the e-Tron GT will go on sale towards the end of 2020.