Audi's A4 Allroad Gets Priced In The US, But Will Anyone Actually Buy It?

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The US won't get the normal A4 avant, but Audi thinks that the Allroad will sell.

The Audi A4 Allroad has been an anomaly to us since its introduction. The Allroad name actually started on the A6, and was introduced on the A4 in 2009. So what is the A4 Allroad? Basically, Audi takes an A4 Avant, raises it by 34 millimeters, adds off-roading body cladding and reinforcement, and makes it more luxurious. Like the normal A4, the Allroad will come in Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige trims. The base premium trim costs $44,950 and all trims will come with a 252 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo sending power through a seven-speed dual-clutch.


Even the base premium trim Allroad comes with standard features like adaptive suspension, power leather seats, forward collision warning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate control, and a panoramic moonroof. The $47,950 Premium Plus and $52,350 Prestige trim includes additional options like Audi's Virtual Cockpit, Bang and Olufsen sound, head-up display, and tons of safety equipment like adaptive cruise control. We're really surprised that Audi has decided to sell the Allroad in the US. Wagons are not popular with US consumers and off-road ability seems to be taking a backseat to car-based crossovers with almost no off-road ability.

Just look at all of the FWD RAV4s and CRVs that grace America's roads. The Allroad doesn't offer the crossover looks that Americans are enamored with, and it is too tall and compromised to win over wagon enthusiasts. If you're looking for an extremely capable off-roader that's extremely practical to use every day, Audi will now sell you the perfect car. We just don't know how many people like that there are in the US anymore.

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