Audi's e-Quattro Hybrid AWD Migrates From Racetrack To Road In New A4

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Your next A4 will be ready for Le Mans.

People talk about Formula 1 technology making its way into road cars, but companies like Audi will tell you that it is endurance racing that is the real crucible where new road technology is forged. And indeed, Audi will happily show you as well, as the upcoming new generation of the A4 will be equipped with hybrid AWD technology straight from the Le Mans-dominating R18 racecars. This is known as e-Quattro in its road-going form.

With this system, the rear wheels will be powered by the gasoline engine, and the front wheels by an electric motor. Although there will also be a second electric motor for the rear wheels to allow for an AWD all-electric mode. Audi is hardly the only manufacturer to use such a system, but it is the only one with such a direct motorsport link, and it will therefore possibly be the most advanced. That said, the technology is only a few years old in its racing version, and this is an unusually fast move from track to road. It is also a rare example of a new technology trickling upwards from the bottom of a manufacturer's lineup.


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