Audi's Future RS Models To Be Hybridized

A company which knows a thing or two about fuel-efficient performance.

With so many of the newer hypercars going the hybrid route these days, it's not too surprising that we're already starting to see that trickle down into the cheaper (or at least less horrifyingly expensive) performance models from various manufacturers. The latest news in this arena is that Audi will most likely go with some form of electrification for future RS-badged models. Although this is largely due to new and more strict European emissions laws.

Like the other big German luxury car manufacturers, Audi has a separate division which handles the high performance RS models, and in the case of Audi, this division isn't even in the same city as the rest of the company. This is Quattro GmbH, and they also handle the building of Audi's Le Mans-dominating racecars. With fuel efficiency being so important to endurance racing, and Audi always winning, Quattro is already quite familiar with the advantages of hybrid technology for high performance applications in a way that no other company can boast. So these new RS cars could possibly be game changers for their segments.

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