Audi's Investing An Incredible $3.3 Billion In Electric Car Technology


And digital technology, as well.

Audi's coming off of its best year and since everything's going so well, why slow things down? After announcing operating profits of roughly $5.2 billion during its record-breaking year in 2015, the automaker has pledged to invest an incredible amount of money on electric and digital car innovations. During an announcement made at Audi's headquarters in Ingolstadt, the automaker revealed that it sold more vehicles than ever before last year. Audi sold 1,803,246 vehicles last year, up 3.6-percent from the previous year.

Sales for the US were over 200,000 vehicles for the first time, which is an increase of 11 percent. According to Audi CEO Reupert Stadler, Audi plans to invest roughly $989 million to grow sales in the US by 2020, stating the company "looked to the future with full confidence." If that sounds like a bunch of money, the automaker also plans to invest approximately $3.3 billion to focus on electric and digital technology, which will result in the creation of 1,200 new jobs in Germany. While consumers won't see the changes any time soon, the automaker plans to put out 12 new cars in 2016. It looks like Audi is all about big numbers now.

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