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Audi's Maybach Rival Could Look Like This

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Audi's flagship sedan is about to get even more lavish.

The A8 is Audi's current flagship sedan, but it's about to get even more lavish. Audi recently confirmed a range-topping A8 is coming, which is described as an "especially luxurious and prestigious derivative." No other information has been confirmed and Audi hasn't released any teaser photos yet, but that hasn't stopped Instagram page Audi Addicts from envisioning what Audi's new Maybach S-Class rival could look like.

Shown in a render posted on Instagram, AllCarNews has added a luxurious dual-tone paintjob, retro-inspired wheels, heavily tinted windows with chrome surrounds, and a chrome strip along the roof 21-inch luxury wheels.

Reports also claim it will revive the old Horch nameplate, so the render artist also added Horch and W12 badges. Horch was originally a German luxury brand that formed part of the Auto Union group in the 1930s that included Audi. Production of Horch luxury cars largely ceased after World War II in favor of military vehicles.

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The new range-topping A8 is expected to be based on the A8 L as a rival to the lavish Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, although it isn't expected to have an even longer wheelbase unlike its rival. Equipment "beyond the regular A8" is also rumored, along with bespoke alloy wheels and a "Horch" badge adorning the front fenders or the C-pillars. Also expect the interior to be even more opulent than the standard A8.

Like the regular A8, the new range-topping variant will be powered by the VW Group's twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 that will drive the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. It will have at least 585 horsepower on tap, or possibly even more since the same engine has been tuned to deliver 626 hp in the Continental GT and Bentayga Speed.

Audi's Maybach S-Class rival is expected to launch during the A8's mid cycle facelift, which means it will likely arrive around 2021.