Audi's Monstrous A9 Will Be Packing A Pure EV Punch


Brace yourself, Tesla. Audi is coming.

It's pretty obvious now that electric cars will replace our conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. When the tipping point is remains to be fully known, but everyone with even a passing interest in the automotive industry knows the world's car makers are diving head first into the EV market. Audi seems to be one of the companies that will start cashing in on electric cars sooner rather than later. Autocar has managed to pry details of a currently unannounced electric model that'll soon be part of the firm's portfolio.


According to Autocar's source at Ingolstadt, the upcoming A9 will be joining the Q6 e-tron as part of Audi's initial push into the EV market. Considering the nomenclature surrounding its name, the Audi A9 will unsurprisingly be sitting right at the top of the non-SUV range as an uber-luxurious sedan (or maybe a coupe, considering Audi's current naming policy?), so the tech specs will also be appropriately advanced. An autonomous driving system that's said to be even more advanced than the one set to be featured in the upcoming Audi A8 will be the prime showcase, as is a punchy powertrain that will allegedly be able to propel the vehicle up to 311 miles in between charges.

Other clever features that'll be in the A9 e-tron, albeit shared with Audi's future electric models, include an asynchronous motor setup that will seemingly allow greater efficiency and flexibility over the synchronized setups that are currently used by practically every other manufacturer of electric production cars. Factor in other pieces of the EV vehicle puzzle, ranging from the expected like independent torque vectoring for each driven wheel, to more advanced goodies such as wireless charging functionality, and you're left with a very enticing prospect for a high-end electric executive sedan. Fingers crossed we see it in the metal before the decade draws to a close.


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