Audi's New Efficient Engine

Audi has released details for their new and highly fuel efficient 1.8 TFSI eninge.

Audi has just released details on their new 1.8 TFSI engine, and it makes some impressive gains in fuel efficiency. The gain over the outgoing TFSI is 21%, an impressive figure considering the old engine was hardly wasteful. This new engine produces 170hp and 236lb-ft of torque. Audi says that, placed in an A5, the car will be able to get 41.27mpg. CO2 emissions are also low enough that the 1.8 already meets the 2015 Euro 6 emissions regulations.

They accomplish this through the rather creative use of both direct and indirect fuel injection. Direct injection is utilized at higher engine loads, and then the old-fashioned method of injecting fuel into the intake runners is employed at lighter loads. The engine also has a highly sophisticated coolant regulation system, and the piston skirts and balance shafts have received a special friction-reducing coating. The performance figures might not be the most impressive, but getting fuel economy figures like these without the use of diesel or hybrid technology certainly is impressive.

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